Here are the cases that we have worked on.

Case 2010-1:

Private Home in Komoka Ontario

The team was invited out to investigate this home by a friend of the team, it is an old farm house that dates back over a hundred years and has many claims of paranormal activity ranging from disembodied voices,shadow figures,objects moving and being thrown by unseen people.  We had some personal experiences from footsteps, voices and one of the investigators being grabbed in the barn. Evidence review produced a few EVP's, nothing came up on video or pictures. The home owner didn't want anything done to the house as she has lived with them for many years and was comfortable with them being in there. We thank the owner's for letting us come out and experience what she had told us.

Case 2010-2:

Private Home in West Lorne Ontario

We were contacted by the home owner who was having issues with activity in her house and was looking for some help. When we got there she told us the story of what has been going on and the claims range from voices,full bodied apparitions, objects moving, doors opening and closing and lights and appliances turning on and off on their own. We set up for the night and the investigation was underway, Jody had the feeling of a strong male presence in the back bedroom, and the emf meters were spiking when she was having this feeling, and evp session was conducted and we got one telling us to get out. The rest of the evening was pretty quiet and we packed up about 5 hours later. Evidence review produced a few evp's of a man using foul language, a child's voice calling for daddy and footsteps that were there when no one else was. The owner's were not too surprised when they heard what went on and what was caught and we are still working with them to solve the problems that are still going on. As of now this case is still open and active and we look forward to working with the clients more.

Case 2010-3

Private Home in Komoka

We were invited back out to the farm house in Komoka to do another investigation as the owner wanted some more evidence of what is happening and we were more than happy to revisit our first case. The night went well, having some more personal experiences and hearing more voices and footsteps as well as lights turning on and of on their own as we set up for the night. Evidence review came up with more evp's, nothing on video or pictures but good personal experiences. We want to thank the owner once again and since our time there they have moved out of the house and we consider this case closed.

Case 2010-4

Private Home in Dorchester Ontario

Our team was contacted by a friend of the home owner looking for some help and after talking to the owner we were more than happy to come out and help. The owner's told us of activity involving their daughter seeing a little girl and playing with her. They also told us of 2 negative spirits that were present when they moved in but they had the house cleansed of those and then this little girl came up when that was done. We set up for the night and had some good personal experiences from knocks responding to our questions, scratching on the walls, disembodied voices heard with our ears and feelings of someone there when no one else was in the room. After evidence review we got some good evp's ranging from get out, to a person's name being called that wasn't part of the team, the owner's were very pleased at the evidence we brought them as it co insides with what they told us and what they have been experiencing. The owner's told us they would have another cleansing done to try and get the little girls to pass on and we appreciate them having us out and we consider this case closed.


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