1. Coby Digital Voice Recorder-used during an EVP session to try and communicate with any Spirits who feel like talking, we may not hear it at the time but when the evidence is being reviewed something might make itself known to us.

2.Olympus Digital Camera-used for taking pictures before and during the investigation, very useful if something is captured that we didn't see.

1.Digital Infrared Thermometer-used for taking air temperatures, Spirits are known for dropping readings when trying to manifest.

2.KII EMF Reader-Used for taking Electromagnetic Field reading, Spirits are known to change the EMF in the air when trying to communicate

3.Motion Detector, if someone or something passes in front it will break the invisible beam and an alarm will sound

4.EMF Mel-Meter used much like the KII meter, used to read ambient EMF and Temperatures

5.ITC communication device-Using this, Spirits have been know to try to talk through this to communicate, also called The Ghost Box

1.Sony Hi8 Video Camera with nightshot-used as a stationary camera to catch anything we don't see or hear.

2.Sony HD hand held video camera, used to take video while we are doing our investigation.


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